8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015

As this year draws to a close there are lots of blogs out there reviewing the year and looking ahead to 2016.

What about you? Are you looking ahead and thinking about what you will do different in the new year? I know I am; I like this time of year, somehow it holds the promise of change.

What’s really fascinating about this article are all the things that scientists have learnt about the brain this year. We can take some of their findings and apply it to our own lives.

For example a new year resolution could be something as simple as getting outdoors more. Research in 2015 has shown that outdoor strolls reduce the symptoms of depression and help reduce impulsivity while boosting self control for those with addictions.

Find out more by following the link below….

8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015

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