Letting Go of Attachment: From A to Zen

If you are a regular reader of my ‘best of the web’ posts then you will know that I love a good quote. Today, the last day of the year, I have been thinking about the new year that is about to begin and the fact that it is a perfect place in my life to […]

Today I Overcame One of My Annoying Habits. Here’s How.

I’ll begin today’s best of the web with a question from Gretchen Rubin; “Do you struggle to complete simple ordinary tasks that other people seem to find easy?” I really enjoy Gretchen’s writing and this blog is great as I can personally relate to it. Gretchen confesses that one her habits that really annoys her about […]

Teach mental health in primary schools, advisory group says

The Young Peoples Mental Health Advisory Group set up by the NHS’s clinical research network have advised that placing mental health on the national curriculum could be key to helping prevent mental health issues in later life. The statistics say that around 1 in 10 children and young people have a mental health issue and studies […]

The Widespread Habit That May Damage Memory

When I read this headline I wondered what on earth could this habit be… something really bad surely? Well actually it’s something that you wouldn’t think too much about apart from its effects on your waistline, but it has been shown to have far reaching effects. Apparently habitual late night snacking could cause damage to […]

8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015

As this year draws to a close there are lots of blogs out there reviewing the year and looking ahead to 2016. What about you? Are you looking ahead and thinking about what you will do different in the new year? I know I am; I like this time of year, somehow it holds the […]

A New Christmas Tradition: Take a Walk?

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday; what Christmas traditions did you take part in? As Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times points out, one thing that most Christmas traditions have in common is they don’t usually involve much moving around! So what about today? If you are feeling a little jaded, […]

Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon Spiritual Significance

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Hopefully this evening the sky will be clear enough to view the full  moon lighting up the night.  The last festive full moon was in 1977 and the next one not due until 2034  so this December’s full moon, the last one of the year, is very special. Perhaps taking […]

Home for the Holidays: Strategies for Self-Care

Happy Christmas Eve dear readers.  I hope you are all ready for the big day tomorrow and that you are now enjoying time relaxing. If you are spending time, or lots of time with your family this year this article is definitely worth a read. Damon Constantinides writes that being with our parents and siblings […]

Lonely this Christmas: dealing with feelings of isolation during the holidays

We’ve looked at this before on ‘best of the web’  but it’s such an important subject I thought it was important to feature loneliness again during this festive period. For most of us the holiday season is hopefully a joyful time spent with family and friends. Certainly the people I’ve spoken to while out and […]

The A Types Guide to Enjoying the Holiday Season

Stuck in the traffic queuing on the motorway this evening I could have done with saying these words a few times to myself; “Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh As the week tips over into full blown festivities why not try these 5 simple ideas to help you navigate stress and planning worries […]

A Surprising Way To Cope With Everyday Stress

The message from this new study is very timely for the festive season that is now upon us.  The study reported in the journal Clinical Psychological Science demonstrated that giving others a small helping hand, such as holding a door open for someone, was an effective way to deal with everyday stressors. The results show […]

Lacking in Christmas spirit? Your brain might be to blame

If you are feeling a lacking of the Christmas spirit it could be because you have …. wait for it…. ‘bah humbug’ syndrome. Researchers say they have identified a brain network for Christmas spirit, comprising of five separate regions. This information may apparently aid treatment for this. “Throughout the world, we estimate that millions of […]

30 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a woman of great courage, she overcame the adversity of becoming blind and deaf in early childhood due  to possible meningitis or scarlet fever and went on to become one of the 20th century leading humanitarians. Luminita D. Saviuc author of the Purpose Fairy was inspired to put together some of Helen […]

How To Be Alone This Christmas.

This is a great piece of writing by  music therapist and psychotherapist Sarah Pearson for the elephant journal. Sarah reflects on the work she has done to become OK with being single in her 30s. S he describes this journey as hard work but awesome. As the season has shifted to Christmas she admits that she […]

9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Star Wars

As the world embraces the return of Star Wars, rediscover the wisdom of the Jedi and reflect on 9 life lessons we learn from Star Wars. Really!!!   I hear you ask… what can Star Wars teach us about life?    Quite a lot according to Lori De La Cruz writing for lifehack.org. Lori includes lots […]

Samaritans poised to take calls as new survey reveals extent of festive loneliness and isolation

This article caught my eye as I was scrolling through a number of posts. While in one way this survey doesn’t surprise me it does bring into sharp focus the extent of loneliness and isolation that a lot of people feel over the festive period. Samaritans responded to nearly 200,000 calls  over the festive period […]

Six rules I follow to avoid depression during the holidays

A friend remarked to me this weekend that she had all the decorations up, lights outside and had been to her daughters school carol concert but she still wasn’t feeling ‘it’.  With ‘it’ being that Christmas feeling. Instead, in the words of Christine Stapleton writing for PsychCentral.com its that   “Oh sh#t, it’s the holiday season…again” […]

10 Questions to Answer before the New Year

This time of year can be so busy for many of us and it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and find it’s the new year before we’ve even caught our breath. In the spirit of self reflection and self discovery Victor Schueller shares with us ten questions to help  determine […]

A Big Clue That You Don’t Love Yourself

If you find yourself silently judging others, or feeling aggravated by them, it may be a clue that there’s something inside you that you need to face.  This is one of those articles that gets to the heart of things and digs deep into areas that you might feel uncomfortable about but you know you […]

Shame: recognising and dealing with it

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.”  Brene Brown This article by psychotherapist Donna Gibson  tackles shame. Donna looks at the work that Brene Brown has done around this subject and how feelings of shame can be distinguished and separated  from feelings of guilt. Brown describes guilt as […]