Are You Following the Rules?

The government has rules. Schools have rules. Society has rules. Parents and then family have rules. Relationships have rules. The list could go on and on couldn’t it? Jame Altucher in his own particular style has something to say about this of course. He tried to follow the rules and be a ‘good’ boy. What […]

21 Lessons From Lao Tzu On Life, Death, And Happiness

This is what I think a Tuesday needs every now and then; some ancient Chinese philosophy which will help you to reflect and encourage calm after your busy day. Who better to receive this ancient wisdom from than the legendary Lao Tzu the Chinese Daoist philosopher and author of Tao Te Ching. This article from […]

How to Stop Viewing Your Anxiety as an Enemy

This is an alternative way of thinking about anxiety. This is such a talked about subject  so it’s refreshing to read something with a different take on things. Anxiety feels absolutely  unpleasant and uncomfortable; for some people it’s terrifying! So of course we’re going to view it as the enemy. But… if we see anxiety […]

How I Get Through The Holiday Season (When It’s Filled With Painful Memories) – The best brain possible

We are surrounded by it whether we like it or not; the Christmas lights, the adverts, the music in every shop; it’s Christmas whether we are ready for it or not and the meaning of it all seems to get lost along the way. But what about those of us who find it a challenge […]

Tattoos: Telling a Story of Self-esteem?

Whatever you personally think about tattoos it’s pretty obvious that here in the UK  as well as in America they are now quite common place. Jerry Koch a US sociologist has some expertise in studying body art and he states that one or two tattoos are  a bit like changing your hairstyle; it’s the people […]

Dogs Reduce Anxiety In Children, Study : Mental Health : Counsel & Heal

I have spent a lovely couple of hours this morning with a couple of friends walking in a local park. The park was full of dogs being taken for their morning walk with owners and dogs alike clearly enjoying the winter sunshine and fresh air and the social interactions that take place in these spaces. […]

How To Manage Your Time: 5 Secrets Backed By Research

Want answers on how to manage your time from an expert in the field? Georgetown professor Cal Newport explains what it takes to get things that matter done. This article is aimed at the work place but can so easily be adapted for other parts of your life too. Here’s a question; Why are you […]

Tis the Season for Grief-Related Social Anxiety

With the run up to Christmas well underway on this second day of December,  I’ve been thinking about those who have lost a loved one and how even the most socially competent of people when bereaved have reservations about human interaction at this time of year. As the author of this article for so rightly […]

The Myth of “I Am Not Doing Enough.”

I’ll begin this best of the web with how Jennifer Pastiloff ends her most recent blog for as it’s something for you to take with you today…… “Not everyday is productive, busy, perfect. Some days just are.” The essence of this blog is don’t be too hard on yourself. Jennifer reminds us to not underestimate […]

An Open Letter to Every Kid Who Has Lost a Parent

The Family Lives On Foundation are a charity that supports children who have lost a mother or father. A friend of mine posted this open letter on social media for her son as she lost her husband to pancreatic cancer three years ago when her son was studying for his A levels. This letter is so […]

Do You Accept Every Thought That Enters Your Mind?

If we wrote down every thought that goes through our minds in an hour I’m sure the quantity would astound us. Remez Sasson writing for  describes the mind as a busy central train station with thoughts, just like trains, arriving and departing all the time. But do you accept and believe every thought that that […]

Surprising Differences between Lonely Women and Lonely Men

This is an interesting article that highlights another difference between men and women and how they handle their feelings; in particular their negative emotions, in different ways. Kira Asatryan looks at loneliness and the research that shows  differences between men and women. According to many studies women across all stages of life and all ages […]

Finding Love Now Without Searching for It

Searching for love? It may be a lot closer, and a lot easier to find, than you think writes Chi Phan for Chi, a transformational coach writes frankly about how she felt alone all her life; within her family, among her friends and even in her long term relationship. She admits that she had […]

The real you is already inside you

This is a wonderful post that encourages you to be the real you. Five hundred years ago Michelangelo was asked how he went about producing his sculptures to which he apparently replied; ‘In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and […]

10 Ways to Calm Down When You’re Angry

In this article by Barrie Davenport of there are some great tips on how to calm down when you are feeling angry. As Barrie points out, feeling angry is normal; it’s a natural reaction to threat or danger that is hardwired into us from our dim and distant past. Feeling angry isn’t in itself […]

Is Self-Compassion the New and Improved Self-Esteem?

To begin I can’t, and won’t resist this fantastic quote by Kristin Neff; “Self-compassion provides an island of calm, a refuge from the stormy seas of endless positive and negative self-judgement.” If you are confused about the difference between self compassion and self esteem then this article by Justine Reichel in the Epoch Times might […]

Sunday Inspiration

Here is some wonderful Sunday Inspiration from Alex Blackwell of the Bridgemaker.  All of us have made mistakes at one point or another in our lives writes Alex, whether it’s our choice of job, the people we chose to spend time with as well as our lifestyle choices. He encourages you to leave your mistakes […]

Tchaikovsky on Depression and Finding Beauty Amid the Wreckage of the Soul | Brain Pickings

“Life is beautiful in spite of everything! … There are many thorns, but the roses are there too.” As Maria Popova writes in Brain Pickings, there are few artists that have walked the fine line between tenacity and self awareness than Tchaikovsky.  We know this from his letters to friends and family where he notes […]

What Makes a Happy Relationship?

As we enter the weekend maybe you are looking forward to spending some time with your partner after a busy week. But what makes a happy relationship and what are the ‘rules’ that help create a strong nurturing relationship between two people? A happy relationship happens, writes Alex Blackwell,  because two people who love each […]

When Just a Quarter of Males Believe It Is Okay to Show Emotion, We Have a Serious Problem 

In a poll by Cosmopolitan Magazine only 27% of males that were surveyed said it was acceptable for them to get emotional at any time. A staggering 71% said it was unacceptable to cry in public. Jonny Benjamin writing for the Huffington Post reminds us that every single day we lose 12 men to suicide. […]

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