Integrative counselling

Integrative counselling is a combined approach to psychotherapy that mixes together various elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists believe that there is no single approach that can treat clients in all situations. Instead, they asses the person during the sessions and the methods used are tailored to the individual’s needs.  It’s important to know that […]

Love Songs Over the Years

Love Songs Over the Years We analysed the Number 1 love songs from each year of every decade starting from the 70’s. In doing so, we reveal how the lyrics have changed over time. Click the arrow below the tape to begin the interactive visualisation of our findings. The GIFs will send you back with […]

Why Am I Always Tired?

Do you know how much time we spent feeling low on energy? 7.5 years of our lifetime. So why are we so tired? and what does it do to our body and mental health? Brits are not getting enough sleep and it shows. The negative effects of sleep deprivation are costly to our health and […]

Secrets to a Happy Relationship

We’ve all wondered it at some point in our lives, what’s key to a happy & long life with your partner? Each couple and marriage is different, but there are common themes among us all. Your relationship doesn’t have to be perfect, but you both deserve to be happy. If you’re both open about what […]

What Can The UK Government Do To Cultivate Good Mental Health?

According to statistics revealed by 65% of people in the UK have experienced a mental health problem in their lives at one time or another. What’s more revealing is that just a mere 13% of us say that we live with high levels of good mental health in our daily lives.

Living with Anxiety

Anxiety plagues an increasing number of us every year. Whether this is as a result of increased diagnoses, increased acceptance of conversations about mental health, or people living more stressful and demanding lives, is unclear. Anxiety is diverse in nature and in symptoms, and can effect each individual in so many different ways.

10 ways to help a loved one who is suffering from depression

When someone you love is suffering from depression, it can leave you feeling helpless and incapable of lifting some of their burden and assisting their recovery. Loving someone with depression is never easy, as some days they will push you away and it will feel like you can’t do anything right, and others they will need you […]

10 Things Therapists Would Love You To Know

Therapy can be mysterious and intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. One thing to remember is that the therapist you are working with is, first and foremost, there to help you with whatever problems you may have. There are many misconceptions about therapists and their practices. To set the record straight, we […]

9 Key Benefits of Counselling and Talking Therapy

Counselling is often the first and usually one of the best weapons we have against a whole range of psychological issues like depression, grief and anxiety. You could be doing everything right, leading a model life, exercising and getting all the nutrients you need in your diet, but nothing can quite replace the benefits you […]

Realising Our Dreams

I have been putting off writing this my second blog. I have had a number of ideas since completing my first blog, but none of them have really grabbed me, so I will just write and see if any useful thoughts come along! I think this is best, as I have learnt the hard way […]