Counselling Manchester

Looking for Counselling in Manchester?

We’re a skilled team of professionals that are part of an established and well-known group of counsellors. We have been helping people since 2001 and we offer a warm environment that you can feel relaxed and safe in.

We offer counselling, therapy and psychotherapy for individuals, groups and couples. We also provide Hypno-psychotherapy and supervision for practitioners. Our counselling Manchester services are also easily reachable if you’re coming from Bolton, Bury, Wigan and Leigh.

What’s the Difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?

They both share similar characteristics and are both types of talking therapy. During counselling, you’ll share your worries in a welcoming environment and the counsellor will aim to understand your troubles and worries. We respond to you in a way that will expand your thoughts, reveal other ways of thinking, and help you understand yourself as well as the situation.

In counselling, we will usually focus more on your behaviour based on the information you give us. Your past may be touched upon, but, we will usually try to help you deal with your current feelings. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, we’ll help you with ways to deal with those feelings and the situation you’re experiencing.

Psychotherapy is another type of talking therapy. You will share your worries and troubles with us, and we will help support you with a way forward. We will also look at behavioural patterns during this type of therapy, but, we will also look at your past and identify the connections to your current feelings.

Many of us are affected by things that happened to us as a child and we do not realise that it still affects us as an adult. We’ll dive deep into your past and show you ways you can manage your challenges now. As we have to go back a bit further with this type of therapy, it can be a long-term thing.

What are the Benefits of Talking Therapy?

There are many benefits you can get from attending our Manchester counselling and psychotherapy services. Talking therapy is for anyone who is struggling through a bad time and feels as though they want support or someone to talk to. We enable you to do this is a no judgement and confidential environment.

Many people feel as though it’s easier to talk to a stranger rather than a relative or friend. We are trained to listen and give advice based on the problem you present and the way you feel about it. We really do care about every individual that chooses to share their thoughts with us.